In that case...

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- What other archaic rituals are you people verboten to take part in?
- What?
- Like... For instance, what if we were to walk in this saloon here, sit down at a table, order a drink, and drink it? Would the authorities frown on that?
- Hell yeah, they gonna frown.
- What part would they find the most offensive?
- All of it. I can't be walkin' in no saloon. I can't be sittin' down in no chair, at no table. I can't be drinkin' no drink. And I definitely can't be sharin' no drink, with no white man, in public.
- So if you and I were to do those things, that would be considered enough of a infraction for the saloon keeper to go and get the sheriff?
- You bet your sweet ass they get the sheriff.
- In that case Django, after you.
¿He dicho ya alguna vez que ADORO los diálogos de Django Unchained...

... y su estética?

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